About us

Do you want to work and live in a European country? Do you want to establish a new business or extend the horizons of already operating one? But you are afraid of taking an undue risk and failing your business?

We know that wishes and ambitions must always be accompanied by a comprehensive planning of each detail.

We believe that only weighed and deliberate decisions can give true result.

We are convinced that conquering a new market is a combination of preliminary analysis, clear strategy and efficiency of investments.

  • SIVIAS offers comprehensive solutions for your business in Poland:
  • Preliminary consultation and drafting of an individual plan;
  • Competition analysis, risk assessment before your product or service comes into the Polish market;
  • Detailed consultation of an accountant, lawyer, tax advisor, customs broker;
  • Registration of a company in Poland;
  • Comprehensive support of business (accounting and legal services, taxation advice, customs broker);
  • Especially for our clients– a range of additional services: visa support, assistance in getting TRPs and PRPs, translator, real estate purchase and rent and a host of other things!

Establish your own business in Poland with us today!