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Registration of legal entity (company)

Every second owner of a business is thinking of establishing a business in Poland today. Real perspective to enter European markets pushes to change your business in a better way, seek new ways to develop and extra sources of income. Why is particularly Poland the most ideal alternative among other European countries for Ukrainian companies? Modern Poland is a democratic, independent and rapidly growing country. Poland is the best country for starting in business. The country confidently shows economic growth and social standards improvements

Poland is a NATO member since 1999, a European Union member since 2004 and in 2007 Poland acceded Schengen zone. The Doing Business rating (“Doing Business” -World Bank group’s leading annual publishing that provides measures of regulations which help to expand entrepreneurship as well as regulations that restrict it. The “Doing Business” research uses quantitative data that estimate the level of favorableness of entrepreneurship regulations and property rights protection as well as allow to compare data of 189 economies over time) shows that Poland constantly fortifies its positions. For example, the 2014 Doing Business rating showed that Poland was ranked number 45. According to 2015 rating Poland was ranked number 32 and 2016 rating showed position 25!

Any foreigner who is full aged and has a foreign passport can register a company in Poland.

You can register a company in both electronic and notarial forms. From a legal perspective there is no difference between electronic and notarial forms of registration. The only difference is that when you register in the electronic form you have only a standard charter whereas a notarial charter can be amended.

If you are an executive of a polish company you can get a range of advantages: ground for obtaining a Polish visa, a residence permit and afterwards – permanent place of residence or even citizenship.

LLC (spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) is the most affordable and convenient form of available legal entities in Poland.

Establishing an LLC (sp. z o.o.) in Poland allows you to deal in almost every sphere that does not come in conflict with the legislation.

Registration of a legal entity in Poland takes the minimum time.

The minimum charter capital is only 5,000 PLN.

Becoming the owner of a Polish company gives you access to European values of doing business: stable bank system, profitable crediting and support of authorities.

Registering a company in Poland with SIVIAS has a range of advantages and consists of some stages:

  1. Preliminary stage:
    • Our specialists will preliminary consult you in any convenient for you way – via phone, Skype, e-mail or in the office.
    • We will elaborate an individual plan of action – step-by-step instruction for meeting your target.
    • We will also conduct a preliminary market analysis and provide a detailed professional advice where needed.
  2. Preparatory stage:
    • Selection of Classifiers of economic activities (sorts of activities of your company)
    • Company name;
    • Filling in a form;
    • Selection of a legal address;
    • Gathering documents and their analysis;
    • Concluding a contract.
  3. Company registration:
    • Drafting and elaborating the company charter;
    • Registration in KRS court register;
    • Control of tax identification number assignment (NIP);
    • Control of statistical number assignment (REGON).


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