Market analysis

These days most Ukrainian entrepreneurs are looking for ways of getting into new markets. But how to do this if there is not enough information about the needs and capabilities of consumers in one sphere or another? Any country with market economy can provide immense perspectives if your business has taken a certain niche. Poland is a part of European Union and its market is open to a number of economically secure and developed countries so when you establish business in this country you also need to be ready for competition. If you need to make a decision on establishing a new business or reformatting an operating one, you should in advance examine in details the market you are interested in.

Especially for you SIVIAS offers an individual comprehensive analysis of the Polish market which includes competition analysis as the basis for introducing products to the market, identifying obstacles when coming into the market, price and business model analysis as well as SWOT analysis of your direction! You can assess your chances, get to know all pros and cons prior to coming into the Polish market and understand which direction to move further.

We conduct marketing research and analysis of the Polish market in the following directions: consumer demand and buying capacity of the population; prices; competitive environment; external environment: the attitude of the state and population to the product, commodity, service, question or problem, political, economic, social and technological aspects of external environment which influence the business; legislature and taxation.

The market analysis is built firstly on understanding the client’s main target and problems that require information.

Marketing suggests five ways to explore the market: canvassing, focus groups, depth interviews, field research or experiments, observations. The choice of the method depends on the budget and time budget. The investigation is based on secondary information sources – official statistics, financial reports, mass media monitoring, market operators’ data and data of professional organizations and business reference books as well as on primary sources – expert survey, retail audit.

You can order a comprehensive investigation of the whole Polish market as well as of a separate province or town. You can also order an extensive analysis of the whole market or a separate part of it:

Unlike usual descriptive investigations our analysis is focused on practical use. The main aim of our investigation is to solve Client’s tasks and  draft a report which includes useful recommendations for business organization and success on the new market.

If you have questions or you are interested in ordering this service – contact us! We will help you with pleasure to implement your projects!

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